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Of use

1. General

The use of the MARVELOUS NUTRITION site is subject to the following conditions. These conditions may change from time to time, so we recommend that you check them regularly.

This website is owned by MARVELOUS NUTRITION and we reserve the right to remove or change any product or information contained in it without notice, as well as limit access to some areas of it.

The information contained in the MARVELOUS NUTRITION website is reliable, reviewed and approved by professionals, however MARVELOUS NUTRITION is not responsible for its misinterpretation and/or use.

We are not responsible for the contents of third-party websites that mention and/or link to the MARVELOUS NUTRITION brand, as well as for the contents of external websites that for any reason MARVELOUS NUTRITION may mention and/or link to.

To place any order on our site, the customer must be at least 18 years old and agrees to provide his real data.

2. Privacy Policy

MARVELOUS NUTRITION, as the entity responsible for collecting and processing the users’ personal data, ensures maximum confidentiality of the same, using them only for order processing, promotion of their own products, sporadic marketing campaigns and for better management and monitoring of their customers in order to offer an excellent service. Under no circumstances will we provide customer data to outside entities. This is our pledge of honor, which we make based on our ethical and moral values. We respect all rules regarding privacy and the protection of personal data collected and processed – in compliance with current legislation and best practices.


MARVELOUS NUTRITION collects the following data:

Website registration data:
– E-mail
Data for order processing:
– Name
– Country of residence
– Street Address
– Phone Number
– E-mail
– City/County
– Postal Code
Newsletter Registration:
– E-mail
The mentioned data is collected only after consent of the Users has been obtained, and is handled in accordance with the law and stored in properly secured and protected databases. The data collected is under no circumstances used for any purpose other than that for which consent was obtained.


The client may at any time communicate to MARVELOUS NUTRITION that he does not want to receive any communication from the brand and we will immediately cancel the mailing. You can also request the elimination of all your data from the MARVELOUS NUTRITION database. After the request, the data will be eliminated, except those that must be kept to comply with MARVELOUS NUTRITION’s legal obligations, and only for a sufficient and necessary time, after which they will be eliminated.

For cancellation of communications, changes or deletion of personal data, you may do so by writing to:

Access to personal data (and any changes/rectification) can be made through the Client Area.


MARVELOUS NUTRITION guarantees the security of the personal data provided, through the adoption of strict security measures at technical and organizational level, for the protection of personal data against its disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized treatment or access, as well as against any other form of unlawful treatment.

3. Updating customer data

Verification or any change of customer data can be done in the respective customer area.

It is highly recommended that the client keep their registration data – username and password – in a safe place. Any loss or misplacement of them is not responsibility of MARVELOUS NUTRITION.

4. Security Assurance

MARVELOUS NUTRITION’s website and order system is managed by a qualified technical team that ensures maximum security and constantly monitors all parameters associated with the protection of the purchase process.

5. Intellectual Property and Content

This site and all contents presented in it are property of MARVELOUS NUTRITION. It is strictly forbidden to copy/reproduce it in any way without the prior consent of MARVELOUS NUTRITION.

6. Payment Methods

MARVELOUS NUTRITION uses simple and convenient payment methods for the customer. Any of these methods presented below guarantees maximum security in transactions.

Paypal is one of the most used payment methods worldwide and also one of the most secure. Visit the official website for more information:

Payment by ATM is very simple and convenient. It can be made at any ATM or through your Homebanking.

When you place your order, a Bank Transfer reference is provided (Entity, Reference and Value). Then you just need to access the payment of Services/Purchases in an ATM machine or through Homebanking and enter the data in the respective fields. Simple and convenient.

After confirmation of receipt of the amount, MARVELOUS NUTRITION will proceed with shipping the order.

If MARVELOUS NUTRITION verifies the non-payment of the order, it will be cancelled after 5 business days.

7. Parcel Dispatching

The order will be shipped after payment confirmation. We have agreements with several carriers, which allows us to speed up this process.

– Shipping –

For Portugal and Spain is free for all orders.

For the Azores, Madeira, France and Switzerland the shipping is always charged, and it is fixed – it costs 15€.

For Europe, shipping is free for orders over 150€. Below that amount they cost 35€.

For International outside Europe, shipping is always charged and will cost 50€.

The customer will be notified by email as soon as the goods leave the warehouse and whenever applicable a link will be provided to track the order on the carrier’s website. The order confirmation and shipping emails sent to the customer are emails automatically generated by our system, so you should not under any circumstances “reply” to them, since they will not be read/answered.

For order related issues, you should fill out the form on our site:

The orders are delivered to the address that the client indicated, so any error in providing this data is not the responsibility of MARVELOUS NUTRITION.

After the order is shipped, if the indicated address has to be different from the one previously informed, there will be an extra cost charged to the customer and/or recipient. Thus, we recommend that the customer always make sure that the address provided is effectively the address to which you want the shipment to be sent.

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday on business days.

-Delivery times –

For payments made until 14h, orders are delivered the next business day – valid for mainland Portugal. In the case of the islands, shipments take between 6 and 9 working days.

Shipping to Europe takes between 3 to 5 business days.

Order preparation/shipping times may occasionally be delayed due to an abnormal volume of orders, products out of stock, or some technical problem that may occur in warehouse systems. These are rare situations, and our premise is always to meet the stipulated deadlines, always offering the best customer service.

MARVELOUS NUTRITION only guarantees stock for orders paid up to 24 hours after order submission. If the order is paid later and the product(s) in question have (have) gone out of stock, the customer can choose
– wait for the stock to be re-stocked;
– request a coupon for the value of the order or product(s) concerned;
– request a refund of the amount paid.

With some exceptions, the carriers used for national shipments are Nacex, DPD and DHL.

Any return of merchandise for reasons attributable to the client (examples: incorrect or incomplete address, absence of the recipient at the indicated address/non-pickup of the order – in the case of CTT Express) – generates reshipping costs that will be supported by the client.

In these cases, the customer will be notified by e-mail and must give us instructions on how to proceed:

1) Return of the order, charged with the costs generated by shipping/returns.

2) Receive a voucher/coupon with the value of the order minus the costs generated by shipping/return. This coupon will be valid for 6 months.

3) Receive the amount on account, by informing the respective IBAN. The costs generated by shipping/return will be debited from the value.

All situations of non-delivery or return of goods will be carefully analyzed by MARVELOUS NUTRITION to determine the cause and the responsible party. All reasons not attributable to the customer will guarantee the exemption of any increased cost and / or full refund of the amount paid.

If the reason for non-delivery/return of the order is the responsibility of the carrier, the customer must send us a written complaint, stating the event, which will be presented to the carrier so that it can make a decision and take a position. MARVELOUS NUTRITION will take a position according to the carrier’s answer and communicate it to the client.

MARVELOUS NUTRITION is not responsible for situations of delays in deliveries (by the carriers), or other situations that may occur on the carrier’s side. MARVELOUS NUTRITION intervenes in these cases only to connect the client with the carrier and help to solve the occurrence.

In case damage is detected on the goods, the customer should refuse to receive the order and report the situation to us immediately. Never, under any circumstances, after damage is detected, should the customer receive the goods.

8. Order Cancellation

Orders can only be canceled if payment has not yet been made. After that, the order goes into processing and there is no reversal in the process. We strongly recommend that you always confirm the products added to your order before submitting and paying.

9. Returns

Product returns can be made within a maximum of 14 days from the date of receipt of order. To do so, the customer must ensure that the product/s are in perfect condition and in their original packaging which must be intact and sealed. Returned products must reach us within 28 days from the date the product is delivered to you. The expiration date of returned products cannot be less than 30 days.

For returns, you should contact MARVELOUS NUTRITION so that we can help you with this process.

If these criteria are not met, returns will not be accepted. Whenever the products are received at our facilities, they are analyzed by our team, and if they are not in conformity, the customer will be informed to proceed with their collection.

After validation of the compliant product(s), the customer will be refunded the value of the product(s), or if preferred, will have an associated credit for future purchases.

10. Exchanges

Direct exchanges of one product for another are not permitted.

11. Products, Descriptions and Prices

MARVELOUS NUTRITION reserves the right not to proceed with the processing of orders in cases where there has been a lapse in the publication of its price, or the product is out of stock. Our team is constantly monitoring all the information that is disclosed on the site, however there may always be a sporadic lapse.

The descriptions of our products and the information disclosed on the site are reviewed by qualified professionals. However they are merely informative, not exempting medical advice whenever the customer considers it appropriate.

12. Campaigns / Promotions

Unless otherwise stated, campaigns with product offers are only valid for orders placed and paid for on the days the campaign runs. For example, if an order is placed during the campaign period but is paid for outside the campaign period, no offer will be applicable.

Marvelous Nutrition reserves the right to change any campaign that is in effect, to extend it, or to terminate it prior to the scheduled and/or stated deadlines.

Campaigns may differ between countries, and each campaign is valid only in the country where it is launched. The same applies to affiliate discount coupons.

Marvelous Nutrition reserves the right to block the shipment of any order that does not meet the campaign criteria (due to signs of fraud, non-conformity, computer system errors, etc.). Whenever an order is blocked for one of these reasons, the customer will be contacted and a full refund may be given.

13. Complaints / Suggestions

If any anomaly is detected in the product received, the customer should immediately contact MARVELOUS NUTRITION and report the situation. The client must provide evidence of the anomaly – photos may be requested.

If the customer notices any anomaly or poor condition on the outer packaging upon delivery by the carrier, he must reject the receipt of the object.

All reported cases will be evaluated by MARVELOUS NUTRITION.

We are always open to suggestions, because we believe that this is how we grow alongside our customers. All of them will be taken into account.

14. Alternative Dispute Resolution

In case of dispute, the consumer may resort to the consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution entities (Consumer Dispute Arbitration Centers) mentioned in the consumer portal, at, or to the consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution entities mentioned in the official website of the European Union –

15. How to Contact Us

To contact us, you should do so directly through this link:

Alternatively you can contact us by phone at +351 964 523 277. Our office hours are from 9h30 to 17h30.