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About us

Marvelous Nutrition company is Nutritional supplement company established in 2020 in Portugal to supply our clients with pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements , Partnering with the High Quality manufacturer which is CGMP licensed .Our core value is about Integrity which starts from selecting our raw materials to choosing the right manufacturer that seeks the highest quality and ensure that all our formulas and products are free from banned substances, so we give all our customers products that can be trusted 100%. Marvelous Nutrition is family company with 23 years of professional sports careers (Handball, Kick boxing and bodybuilding). Through the practice of these sports our knowledge, Interest and our passion for supplements grew strong and we knew what is really needed to achieve true gains.

Our quality standards

Marvelous nutrition has a very strong quality assurance system that start from testing raw material to testing final product, we are CGMP Licensed, Halal products, all products are randomly tested and third party tested to make sure that our clients are taking best products ever made that claim Nutrition facts. All products on Marvelous Nutrition are under strict quality controls that are carried out by certificated laboratories with a great experience in this sector, ensuring the quality of each batch and offering you a truthful information of what every product contains, as it is shown on the label. Our formulas have been designed based on researches and trials on sports professionals from many sports and some of them been to Olympic games and big Olympia Events in bodybuilding, it took long time to reach to those formulas that serve our body in all directions to achieve the meaning of being superhero.

Our Products

Our supplement line is covering all needs for any athlete in any sports even online gaming. We encourage all athletes to try our products and send us back your feedback on our web site: When you purchase a Marvelous Nutrition product, we guarantee it is the best in the market.

No Proprietary Blends

Marvelous Nutrition product contains research backed ingredients at full clinical and real dosages.

No Artificial Junk

There’s strong evidence that regularly consuming artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and other artificial chemicals commonly found in supplements can be harmful to your health.

No False Marketing

Most supplements cannot deliver even one-tenth of the overblown, scientifically false promises made on their product labels.